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Edraw Office Viewer Component 8.0

Office Viewer Component is designed to ease specific issues for ActiveX
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The Edraw Office Viewer Component is a very powerful tool that grants you easy access to basic Office programs that are often used in a company (Word, Excel and Power Point).
This makes it a valuable tool for companies that use Microsoft Word for memos, meetings and descriptions, Excel for paychecks, orders and simple algorithms and Power Point for presentations and so on. Keep in mind that the full version also supports Visio and Project, while the free version comes with various limitations. Another useful feature is the fact that you can protect your documents by setting passwords and restricting access to them, and still being able to browse through them without typing your password every time.

Depending on your needs, the application allows you to set different protection levels for your documents, such as: read-only, revision, comments, form fields, etc. Moreover, Edraw Office Viewer Component also allows you to easily transfer your documents between multiple servers via HTTP/FTP protocols.

All in all, you can consider giving Edraw Office Viewer Component a try because all the features make it an easy-to-use program that will save you precious time when you need to use the basic Office tools.

Dave Hattey
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